//Days of Revenge, Bjelasnica, Bosnia at 01/02-07-2017

Days of Revenge, Bjelasnica, Bosnia at 01/02-07-2017

Place two for Benjamin Herrera and place 6 for Diego Herrera, both on TM Racing 300 2T Enduro

Last weekend, Lowo TM Racing Germany was on tour with Benjamin and Diego Herrera. This time we visited the hardenduro ,, Days of Revenge“ in Bosnia.

It was a long journey to the small village in the mountains, but it gave a good return. 1200km from germany, the two boys found a wild nature full of rocks, wood and no-man’s-land, which you never can see in middle europe.

We arrived on Friday, which was the day of application and relaxing from the long journey. In Bosnia the greatest things for foreigners are the really helpful and nice people and the tasty food. Whole team was welcomed by the organizer and felt really good arrived.

On Saturday at 9 and 10 ó clock at first two groups of joggers startet on the mountain by foot, before the pilots on their bikes ran up the hill for prologue, which determined the order on the start on Sunday. Diego finished as third and Benjamin as second, behind David Knight, who was the most popular rider that took part on this event. Because of the good results, both Herreras didn´t take part in the second prologue, because a good starting position was already safe. The rest of the day everybody enjoyed himself to be prepared for main race on Sunday.

This one started on 9 o clock in the morning. First one to start was David Knight, followed by Benjamin and as third Diego. The crew followed the transporter which has loaded the fuel of all the riders, to put it in the refueling zone. Unluckily the driver wasn´t sure how to get there and this is why we got lost some time in the woods. After we refueled, we went back to the paddock to welcome the two boys back. Benjamin arrived after 2 hours, but Diego seemed to be lost. Finally Benjamin was second and Diego sixth of all expert riders, although they both got astray together with some other riders, which wasn´t too difficult in this wilderness. Happy with this results and happy that no one else ended up as a dinner for bears or wolves, Benjamin and Diego Herrera and the Crew left Bosnia in a really good mood.

All in all it was an exciting and challenging excursion to south east Europe, which enabled the riders to do enduro in perfect conditions.

Great reference for all who want to search for their limits at get to know their own skills!

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