//SuperEnduro World championship

SuperEnduro World championship

SuperEnduro World championship, 1. Round Krakow/Poland, Benjamin Herrera/TM Racing 300 Fi place 1, class Junior.
Tauron Arena Krakow/Poland at 10.12.2016, sold out with more as 12500 spectators, Benjamin und Diego Herrera from LOWO TM Racing Germany gave their debut on the new TM Racing 300 Fi, for Diego was also the debut for indoor race.
Benjamin finishes the time practice as second and Diego as 13th, so we brought both riders into the three final races in the afternoon, Diego, the young brother from Benjamin finish at 11, 12 and 10 and was happy with his result Benjamin was concentrated the complete day, his focus always on the track the bike and the crew, he check all many times, and it works, Benjamin was leading the first race until the last lap, an overlapped rider fall down and in Benjamins line, so Benjamin finish as second.
Second moto: starting position now turned around, the fastest rider stay on last position, Benjamin fighting and goes fast forward and pass many riders, good fight and place one in the second moto, the maximum.
Third moto, the same as moto one, fighting, lapping, Benjamin was place one, than place 5 , than place three, than place one and again second, good that he go not big risk, Benjamin calculate by the race what place he need for winning all overall, so Benjamin win with a distance of 8 points to the second rider with 2 /1 / and 2, the first great victory for Benjamin with the new TM Racing 300 Fi, a great bike.
The team was happy, the riders was happy, and we have nothing broken or damaged, the only thing was an broken radiator cap.
What Benjamin and Diego told to us after the race: Only “thanks” and this in a way that some of the team members had wet eyes, that says more as thousand words,

The next race will be in Riesa/Germany, at 07.01.2017,

The team goes now in the short winter break and says thanks to all who helped us:
TM Racing italy, TM Racing Germany, LOWO Sonnenlift, Rolly Toys, Gibson Tires, Ipone Oil, Ridler Datentechnik, Langcourt.

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