//SuperEnduro Worldchampionship, place two for Benjamin Herrera with the TM Racing 300 Fi

SuperEnduro Worldchampionship, place two for Benjamin Herrera with the TM Racing 300 Fi

Place 2 for Benjamin Herrera in the ranking of the third run in Bilbao and also in the ongoing ranking of the world championship of Superenduro 2017/ Junior

The long journey to Basque Country has already started on Thursday for parts of the LOWO TM racing team. Mike , Logan Wilms and some others went to Bilbao by car, to carry the equipment. Others followed by plain on Friday, together with the Herrera brothers. The third run has absolutely been something special, because parts of the family of the riders came along to support the boys. These were really happy, but also very excited.

On Saturday first everything seemed to be good. Benjamin and Diego explored the really difficult track in the free practice without problems. But everything went thrilling, when Benjamin lost his chain in the stone field while time practice and wasn´t able to make a fast round to qualify himself for the finals. Diego went well and didn´t have big problems. So just Benjamin had to take part in the ,last chance“ run and luckily solved this as one of the fastest. Happy to know both riders in the finals, everyone relaxed a little…. But just ´til the next time practice- Benjamin was ill-starred and damaged his ignition cover, so that he had to pass out immediately. Unfortunately he couldn´t catch a good start position this way. Benjamin was really sad about the adverse conditions and his family did everything to cool him down. Nevertheless, in the evening everybody was hopeful for the finals. In the first final there were no new damages, Benjamin reached place 5, Diego place 11. Benjamin was not happy, so 2nd final promised to be exciting. All eyes on them, the boys started phenomenal, Benjamin on first place, Diego followed on the third! Unluckily Diego crashed in the tree trunks and fell on 11th position. Benjamin defended his position, ´til he also fell down and was catches by his strongest competitor Blake Gutzeit. That was really frustrating, but that´s racing! Everything should go well in the third run! But before, there suddenly appeared a new problem! Diegos bike got damaged in the crash. Oil dropped out through a lack in the motor. Just in the very last minutes it could got repaired by Mike, who used a special clue from the US, which made the third final possible for Diego. He started full of self-confidence he obtained in 2nd final and reached 9th position. For him it was a really glad and technical good ride and he seemed to be really satisfied. Benjamin started in the middle of the field, but he soon was able to battle for the higher positions. He gave all and finally he got sole lead in the last round!!! Everybody was so enthusiastic in view of these awesome performances. Logan  and Mike was glowing and so proud of his boys! The whole team and of course the Herrera´s happy family couldn´t stop smiling, laughing and congratulating! Everybody looks hopefully to great results and awesome races in the future.

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