On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September the second act of the enduro world championship was held and the city of Spoleto hosted the Italian GP.

The TM Racing Factory Enduro presented itself in full force and at the home GP it lined up all its  three Bishops. In  the E1 and Enduro GP class the Italian rider Andrea Verona while in the classe E2 and Enduro GP the reigning champion (E2 class ) Loic Larrieu.

The new entry of the 2020 season is the Youth class rider Nathan Bererd, the young rider is gaining experience and confidence thanks also to the experience of team manager Luca Cherubini.

The race weekend was full of successes and podiums as usual and on both days of competition Andrea Verona and Loic Larrieu fought to the last centimeter of each special tests.

On the opening day Andrea Verona narrowly touched the victory in the E1 class but at the end of the race he had to settle for second place. Same result as his teammate for Loic Larrieu, the French rider took an excellent second place in E2.

In EnduroGP the best result was that of Andrea Verona, with an excellent fourth place while Loic Larrieu finished with the fifth position.

On the following day Loic Larrieu, with the special tests at the limit of practicability, ran an excellent race, managing to snatch the third position of the EnduroGP from the hands of his rivals. Excellent performance also in the E2 class for the French rider who closed the day with a well-deserved second place. Positive race weekend also for Andrea Verona who tried in every way to win both days but in the end he collected two second places that fit very tight.

At the moment Andrea Verona is the leader of the E1 class and in the next two GPs in Portugal the 2020 season will be decided.

In the Enduro GP Andrea has collected good performances, a fourth place on Saturday and a fifth place on Sunday.

The final score for our rider Nathan Bererd is a ninth and a sixth place in the Yoth class.


“Honestly, I am not fully satisfied with the results obtained at the Spoleto GP but so are the races. The pace is good and now we only need maximum concentration in the last two GPs of the seasonon.


“I am satisfied with the results obtained. I really liked the special tests because in all three you had to stay focused because you could lose a lot of seconds especially on Sunday. Day2 was quite challenging due to the heavy rains but I managed to get a good result and the podium in the EnduroGP


“A positive weekend and the final score grew. I want to thank the team for the wonderful job they are doing.