On Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November, the penultimate round of this particular and controversial 2020 season was held in the small Portuguese town of Marco de Canaveses in Portugal. Our Veneto-based rider Andrea Verona ran an excellent race going to win Day One in E1 and getting an excellent second place on the following race day. On the opening day Andrea Verona literally dominated the E1 class, winning and increasing the provisional classification of the class by a few points. On the following day with the special tests at the limit of practicability due to the heavy evening rains and frequent showers that fell during the day of competition, Andrea Verona made a few mistakes too many and unfortunately some crashes were fatal for the good outcome of the race despite many excellent times in the special tests. Andrea Verona currently still occupies the first provisional position in the E1 class, a position that he will try to defend with all his strength this weekend at the last round of the season which will also take place in Marco de Canaveses in Portugal.

Loic Larrieu, in the E2 class, did not shine as usual and his final score is a fourth place on opening day and a fifth place on Day2.

Next appointment again at Marco de Canaveses on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November.


“Saturday I would say a perfect race without too many mistakes and crashes, crowned with the first place in the E1 class. On Sunday, however, the three special tests were at the limit of practicability and making mistakes was very easy. Unfortunately I lost about 30 seconds in a special, losing the chance to fight for the first place ”


“I would say one of the most colorless weekends since I’ve been with this team. I have never been able to enter the race and have the right feeling with the three special tests. I hope next weekend to do much better ”