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At Gaggio Montano, in the province of Bologna, took place the eighth and ninth round of the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro.

The Alta Valle Reno Motoclub organized a race worthy of a world stage with three challenging special tests that put a strain on the skill of the participating riders.

In the Bolognese village of Gaggio Montano, on Saturday, Andrea Verona graduated Italian champion.

The Venetian rider raced as usual an amazing race and on Saturday, in addition to winning his own class, he fought with the first in the overall reaching the third place.

The TM Racing Factory Team congratulates its rider Andrea Verona for the success achieved at the maximum Italian championship and above all for the world title in Junior and Junior 1.

Once the Enduro World Championship is over, it’s time to close the Assoluti’s gates, focusing on the last race of the 2019 season: the Six Days that will take place in November in Portugal.

“I’m happy to have closed the 2019 season with these great results, after the world victory now has also arrived the Assoluti’s Junior Title. The Gaggio Montano weekend was perfect, two first places in the Junior and two third places in the Overall. Now we focus on the Six Days that will be in early November and then we get prepared for the 2020 season. ”

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Last weekend took place the last act of the Enduro World Championship  and the TM Racing Factory Team celebrated the victory of Loic Larrieu in the E2 class.

A heart-pounding season finale and a win right at the last special after a dominating weekend for our French rider Loic Larrieu.

A perfect weekend for Loic Larrieu: victory in Day One in the E2 class and relative overtaking of the current class leader, victory in the Enduro GP and in the E2 class on Sunday and the final celebrations for a title chased throughout season.

In addition to the title of world champion of Loic Larrieu, the TM Racing Factory Team also celebrated the title of runner-up of Dany McCanney in the E3 class.

The rider of the Isle of Man tried in every way to win the E3 class title with all his usual grit  and determination.   Excellent performance for Andrea Verona in the E1 class, the Venetian rider took an excellent second place in the opening day, also achieving excellent absolute times.

The TM Racing Factory archived  the last act of the Enduro World Championship now will return to Italy to take part in the final stage of the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro.


There are no words to describe my happiness, I dedicate this title to all the people who have been close to me and to the whole team. Thank you so much.


Even here in France I struggled with all my strength to get the best result. The final second place in the E3 class and the excellent performances in the Enduro GP are a great result “.


Here in France I raced with the bike that gave me the Junior title and honestly I really enjoyed the three special tests . The excellent result of Day One bodes well for next season.

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Supermoto of Nations


Supermoto of Nations

“Poker d’Assi” for Thomas Chareyre and Tm Factory.

Carole the 2019 Supermoto took place in Paris on the track, Thomas Chareyre closes a perfect season and with this victory brings the seasonal trophies to four: French Champion, European Champion and World Champion.

The fast and technical Carole circuit with three stretches of dirt road was the setting for a splendid Nations trophy.

Thomas Chareyre in his group is extraordinary going to score a stratospheric time and inflicting on his opponents abyssal detachment centering the pole position, at the start of Saturday’s race Thomas was perfect he took the lead at the first corner and dominated up under the flag chess.

Thanks to its result and that of its two team mates, France won the first position.

On Sunday morning the paddock wakes up under a light rain that will become a universal flood during the three races.

In race 1 Thomas Chareyre was deployed in 17th position, the French champion after a few laps was already in the top positions, Tom drove masterfully in the pouring rain. About halfway through the race he takes the lead but a few laps from the end Chareyre touches himself with a dubbed one and has to give up the first position closing second.

In the third and final heat, Thomas starts from his favorite pole, pole position, Chareyre is relentless with a clear victory over 10 seconds ahead.

Thomas Chareyre lifts his ninth victory in the Nations trophy to the sky.

Diego Monticelli and Italy close the race on the third step of the podium as in 2017, Diego made some mistakes in the dirt part that did not give him the chance to get a good result that was within his reach.

A season full of victories and satisfactions ends.

Alex Serafini Team Manager comments on the race as follows: “A difficult race in the rain, where it was easy to make a mistake, Thomas was incredible he did nothing wrong and thanks to his speed in all conditions he led his National team to victory, I am also satisfied Diego’s race that he fought without ever holding back. I would like to thank the whole team for the great work done this season, and all our sponsors who supported us. “

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The TM Factory Enduro Team moved to Uhlirske Janovice after the summer break to compete in the sixth and penultimate round of the Enduro World Championship which took place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 14th September.

The TM Factory Enduro Team riders were protagonists of the race weekend and obtained several podiums in their respective classes.

In the E2 Loic Larrieu, fresh from contract renewal, obtained two excellent second places in the Czech Republic and at the end of the month the title will be played. Currently the official rider is only two points behind the leader, right in the home GP.

Great weekend for Dany McCanney who collects several podiums. In the E3 class the rider from the  Isle of Man gets two second places while in the Enduro GP two third positions.

After obtaining the title in the Enduro Junior class Andrea Verona presented himself at Uhlirske Janovice riding a two-stroke and with the white E1 class table.

The Venetian rider in agreement with the team decided to gain experience among top riders and try the two-stroke engine in an official race.   Once the Czech Republic GP is over, the TM Factory Enduro Team will have to head to French  where the last round of the season will be held on the weekend of 28 and 29 September.

The weekend started with the SuperTest where I lost for only 0.01 seconds. The following day I ran a good race, earning a few points on my direct opponent in E2. Unfortunately I couldn’t repeat myself on Day 2, a bad fall ruined my race but I managed to do my best.

On Saturday I started slowly but I improved  special after special. The race weekend was positive, I raced to the maximum of my possibilities getting the podium both in the Enduro GP and in the E3 class “.

After the title won in the Junior class with the team we decided to start in the E1 class riding a TM 250 2T. The goal was just to try the two-stroke without pressure, in the end I enjoyed it and it was a positive experience “.

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