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S1GP World Cup Montalegre Portugal

TM Factory Racing World Champion for the Seventh Time.

The Supermoto World Cup was held on the Montalegre track and for the 2019 season it was played in a single trial, a very fast circuit with a very demanding stretch of dirt road.

Only for this test the race took place in three heats.

The TM Factory Racing Team in addition to the two titular drivers Chareyre and Monticelli deploys the very young Steve Bonnal of 16 years to the second international experience.

In the official tests tile for Diego Monticelli that in the dirt stretch falls violently beating his right knee, Diego tried to start in the first run but he had to retire thus concluding his race weekend.

Thomas Chareyre got an excellent pole position in qualifying with an amazing time trial. Bonnal closed his tests in 16th position.

At the start of race 1, which took place on Saturday afternoon, Thomas Chareyre at the first corner was surprised by Markus Class who took the lead, the French champion launched the decisive attack midway through the race, unfortunately with a few laps from the end due to a double duo was slipped by his opponent, Thomas finished in second place.

In race 2 Chareyre at the start pulled out his claws and immediately took the lead, Thomas with an incredible rhythm seemed to be able to calmly manage the race but also in this second race due to the dubbed he had to give up the leadership. Chareyre with a champion overtaking in the final stretch of the dirt road took the lead and in the last few laps he forced his opponent to the error and went on to win.

The World Cup was decided in the last and decisive round.

When the traffic lights went out, Chareyre started very well and at the end of the long start straight, the riders got over 160 km / h, pulled the brakes to enter first at the first corner. Thomas has staged one of his most beautiful races, keeping a crazy pace that, in addition to the victory of the race, also won the seventh world title.

Steve Bonnal closes his world experience in 15th place

Alex Serafini Team Manager: “A very difficult race, the track was very narrow and single trajectory, nothing could be wrong. Thomas as always had a race as a champion, we were very fast in practice, in the first race we struggled a little. In the two races on Sunday Thomas was perfect he raced as a true champion and pulled out the attributes and did two heats as he knows how to do. Our opponents have come very close and now we will work to improve ourselves for this season finale and for 2020. ”

2019-07-23T11:28:04+00:0023 July 2019|Racing|


Last Saturday took place the seventh round of the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro in Crespano del Grappa in the province of Treviso.

The MC Ardosa organized a spectacular race with three special tests worthy of a world race.
A challenging enduro test in a forest, a natural extreme test and the cross test located inside the Crespano del Grappa motocross track.
The penultimate round of the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro saw our Andrea Verona excel once again in the Junior class and appear well in the Absolute.

The Venetian rider raced his home race and the public encouraged him until the last special scheduled.

Andrea Verona is now one step away from the Junior title and in the last stage everything will be decided.
Daniel McCanney also competed in Crespano del Grappa.

Our rider from the Isle of Man ran a good race going to podium in the Foreigners class and performed well in the Absolute.

The TM Factory Enduro Team and the Enduro Circus now take a long break throughout the month of August and then will be present in September for the last two world events and the final race of the Assoluti.

Even though I live about an hour from Crespano, for me this is my home race because I often train in these areas. I am happy with the result obtained here, my goal was to win the Junior class and I hit it and I also fought for the final podium of the Absolute and at the end I grabbed an excellent fourth place.

I am not very happy with the race I did because these are my favorite terrain and I am very happy with my motorcycle. During the race we tried some settings and the mechanics did an exceptional job. Now I will prepare myself for the end of season.

2019-07-15T17:48:05+00:0015 July 2019|Racing|

Supermoto European Championship Gp Poland

Thomas Chareyre increasingly leading

We have reached the third act of the European Supermoto Championship on the Poznan track in Plolnia.

Thomas Chareyre and the Tm Factory Racing team present themselves at this race after excellent results in the Italian and French Championships.

In qualifying Thomas is the absolute protagonist, the multiple world champion gets a huge pole position that once again confirms his strength and speed, Diego Monticelli won the sixth position on the grid.

At the start of race 1 Thomas immediately starts very strong, the French driver has had to fight to keep his direct opponent Marcus Class at bay, Chareyre has once again demonstrated all his skill and tactical intelligence and with an impeccable race conduct he has crossed the finish line in first position. Diego Monticelli closes in fifth place with a good performance.

In race 2 Thomas was once again infallible, Chareyre let his direct opponent go for a few laps and then he launched the decisive attack and took over the command of operations and got another great victory. Monticelli closes his second run in fifth position.

Thomas Chareyre gets another double and is the third in a row that launches him at the top of the Eurpeo Championship standings.

Alesx Serafini Team Manager thus comments on the race: ” It was a very difficult race from many points of view, we were all very tense because the last 3 editions played on this track we were not able to make good results, but this time we did not want to miss anything and the weekend was really perfect, Diego struggled a little but we are slowly finding the right feeling and pace again “

2019-07-01T14:55:30+00:001 July 2019|Racing|


An extraordinary weekend for the TM Racing Factory Team, at  the Enduro World Championship that took place in Rovetta, the Italian GP or better known as the historic Valli Bergamasche. Our rider Andrea Verona won the Junior title with two races in advance, Dany Mc Canney on Day One won the E3 class and the prestigious Enduro GP while Loic Larry won Day1 in the E3 class.
As usual the Motoclub Bergamo has designed a very demanding race made even more difficult on the opening day by the heavy rains and thunderstorms that accompanied our riders throughout the day of the race. On Sunday after a race spent to chase the world title, Andrea Verona won the Junior class and won the title with well two anticipated races.

Great weekend also for Dany McCanney who masterfully dominated the mud on day one and won the E3 class and the Enduro GP for just 0.06 seconds on his rival and compatriot. The following day he won a good second place instead.

Loic Larrieu’s weekend was also profitable, the French rider achieved excellent results by winning the E2 class in Day One and winning another second class place and a second place in the Enduro GP on Day 2.

The Enduro World Championship stops for a long time and will resume in mid-September for the Czech Republic GP.


“Winning the title in Italy was incredible, I ran all my race days with the only goal of getting on the top step of the podium and so it was. On the second day of competition I fought until the last special and the I managed to win despite a fall “.


“A positive weekend and the Valli Bergamasche is as always a tough and demanding race. The final score is satisfactory despite some bad luck on Sunday”.


“An excellent first day of competition with the victory in the E3 class and in the Enduro GP. I suffered a little from the heat and fatigue on the second day of competition”.

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