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TM RACING FACTORY TEAM never takes a break. After winning its third title thanks to Eero Remes and also the World Cup courtesy of Andrea Verona, the Team searched for new riders available on the market until finding two great ones! Team Manager, Luca Cherubini, has been carrying out an excellent job in these years and the Team has grown significantly. This outcome was also possible thanks to all those who work for the Company, unseen by most people, but who actually are the soul of the products and achievements.

This is also perceived in the paddock, where many are yearning for a TM Factory as they would like to reach the World Title.

The Team is very proud to announce its new members, both authors of excellent results achieved last season. French rider Loic Larrieu, 2018 Vice World Champion, will be riding the E2 class-winner machinery – the EN 300 Fi. The other name who will join this dream team, and who will represent the English market, is Daniel McCanney. After classifying third last year, in 2019, Daniel will be enrolled in the tough E3 category. The English challenger will ride the brand new EN 300 Fi 2T bike.

Andrea Verona, engaged with TM Factory for two more years, will try to reach the Title in the Junior class.

Before the holidays, team members will test their bikes in order to find the best set-up.

Team manager Luca Cherubini stated: “We are so excited about the 2019 season! We believe Loic, Daniel and Andrea will face the leading riders in the respective categories. What is rewarding the most is the esteem for TM, thanks to all the work done in the past years and the three Titles won with Eero. After facing six seasons rich in great results, we are now ready to turn page and back up three different markets (French, English and Italian) with three riders who aim high”.

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Italian Supermoto Championships

Double appointment on the track of Castelletto di Branduzzo for the last two rounds of the Italian Supermoto Championships, the same track but with two different configurations, in the Sunday races in addition to the sky section the new off-road section was used.

Diego Monticelli is presented in these last two appointments by the leader of the Italian classification, the strong pilot from the Marche region from second place to the trophy of Nations should not risk making mistakes to not throw away the good work done during the season.

In the first race Diego with the track made slippery by the fog in the morning could not find the right feeling with the track and could not do better than the fourth overall position.

In the two heats Diego ran with intelligence and without making mistakes, a slip even trivial could have compromised the final result

In race 1 he finished third and in the second heat after a bad start that saw him slip to fifth position.

Diego after the first day lost points in favor of his direct opponent but with a good margin in the standings.

Sunday with the introduction of the off-road section Diego manages to tear the first row with the third overall time.

At the start of race 1 Monticelli is perfect at the start taking the lead, Diego in the first lap commits a small mistake that makes him lose several positions but with a good pace he will recover to the third position.

In order to raise his arms as a sign of victory Diego Monticelli had to wait for the checkered flag of the second heat ended in third place.

Monticelli closes his third overall race and is the new 2018 Italian Champion.

A season full of satisfactions for the Tm Factory team where they have won everything they could, European Championship, Nations Trophy and Italian Championship.

Alex Serafini comments the race: “At the beginning of the weekend we were a bit tense because we knew that our opponents would not give up anything, Diego was perfect did not do anything wrong, we are very happy to be back to victory in the Italian Championship. I want to thank all the guys on the team and the sponsors for this great season. “

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Impossible is nothing. The GP of Germany has given us strong emotions and at the end of the two days of competition scheduled to raise the title of the E2 class was our Eero Remes.

Last weekend took place the last act of the World Enduro Championship in Rudersdorf and the TM Racing Factory Team arrived in Germany with the awareness that the impossible could become possible. On the opening day Eero Remes ran a perfect race going to win the E2 class and gnawing some points to the provisional leader.
Day 2 started with our Finnish rider still among the protagonists and continued with the arrival at the mid-race of the news of the withdrawal of Alex Salvini, the provisional leader, for a motorcycle failure. Eero Remes has thus considerably decreased his race pace by winning the much desired title of the E2 class and bringing the titles conquered with the colors of the Pesaro motorcycle house to three. Congratulations also to our Junior rider Davide Soreca and Andrea Verona who once again have been protagonists and have reached the podium.


“On the first day I ran a good race, making a few mistakes and at the end I got on the highest step of the podium. The following day I immediately started pushing hard then when I saw Alex Salvini’s motorcycle stopped in the transfer I managed the race. The final victory was unexpected but we all believed it. ”


“A race of highs and lows but at the end I am happy with the second place overall obtained in the Junior class. Now we will prepare well for the next season “.


“I finished a season of highs and lows at best. I’m happy with the second place in the J2 and the third in the Junior won in the second day of the race “.

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The world season ends in the United States for the Nations Trophy, the Tm Factory team is alongside Max Nagl and the German team.

Bad weather has made the Red Bud track even more insidious and difficult than expected, Max still not 100% of his physical condition after the hand injury has put on the track all his talent and skill.

Nagl in the free practice was immediately at ease on the American mud managing to find the right feeling.

At the start of the heats of the Open Max category is a lightning to get out of the gate going to hit the hole-shot, thanks to his excellent result and his companions led the German national team to qualify in fourth place.

In Sunday races Nagl took to the track in race 2 together with his partner of the MX2, the lowering of the gate Max staged another great start immediately taking the top positions, unfortunately in the first lap has stumbled into a slip that saw him transiting in 36th position, Nagl did not lose heart and with a great comeback he closed the eighth place by scoring top three times.

In the third and final heats Max gave a literally spectacular performance, after another great start he took sixth place and in the first laps he managed to score several overtaking up to grab the third place, Max tried to push to try to go get the first but because of his physical condition not yet at the top he made a mistake that made him lose some positions by closing his race with the eighth place.

It closes a season where the team Tm Factory and Max Nagl have set off with this great result the great development work done throughout 2018.

Marco Ricciardi comments on the race: “We have closed the best of ways a troubled season due to the injury of Max, we knew we did a good job of developing the bike together with our driver and this was the confirmation, it was not a lucky nation for Nagl, however, proved to be very fast. In his first heat he was able to grab the third place by scoring incredible times. Grandissimo Max and Tm, here in America stood out and showed its value from the technical point of view, the injury still penalizes our pilot that with the passing of the minutes loses strength and there can be a mistake. I want to thank Max for the great job done, all the guys who have worked in this season by expanding the whole team and we are very happy to have finished the season with this result. “

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Supermoto of Nation 2018

The trophy of Nations was staged in the splendid setting of the Guadassuar circuit, just outside Valencia.

The TM factory team was busy with its two pilots Thomas Chareyre for France and Diego Monticelli for Italy.

In the qualifying heats on Saturday, Thomas Chareyre once again showed off all his speed going to score the best time and victory in his drums.

Diego Monticelli inserted in the second group could not immediately find the right feeling with the Spanish track but still showed a good race pace going to finish second place.

In the first Sunday race Thomas and Diego found themselves competing together, Diego was chosen to start from the front row and after a good start in mid-heats he took the lead, from the back Chareyre remounted in an exemplary way and four laps from the end took the tesat of the race going to win in front of Monticelli.

Diego who took to the track in the second race and here expressed his talent battling with Sylvain Bidart, our bearer with a nice overtaking took the lead in the middle of the race bringing home a great victory.

In the last heat the decisive one for the final victory, Thomas deployed as second driver did not struggle to climb the rankings and took the third place and with his teammate first the position of Thomas was enough to bring home the title.

France and Thomas Chareyre win the fifth consecutive Nations trophy with Diego Monticelli and Italy second at one point.

Alex Serafini team manager comments on the race: “It could not have been a better season finale for our team, Thomas has once again proved to be an absolute champion and Diego has not been outdone with two excellent races and his first victory in the heats at the Nations, I want to thank all our sponsors and guys who have worked to achieve this result. “

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