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The 2022 FIM EnduroGP World Championship continues its run and after a long break lasting more than a month from the GP of Portugal, the third GP of the season was held in Carpineti (RE) on 25 and 26 June.

A weekend characterized by high temperatures, a race with a very high level path and an incredible cheering of the over 20,000 fans who flocked to the Emilian-Romagna village to see the best riders of the world enduro scene up close.

For the occasion, the Motoclub Crostolo has designed a very technical and treacherous course of over 55 kilometers which started on Friday evening with the Super Test, which was followed by two days of races both divided into four tests: an artificial Super Test with hard and dusty ground and with sessions of stones and logs, followed by an Enduro Test just as hard and dusty, a Cross Test as spectacular as demanding characterized by hard, dusty terrain and numerous upheavals to then finish at the fourth and last special Test scheduled: a very difficult Extreme Test with hard, dry and dusty ground interspersed with numerous rocks

An extraordinary weekend for the “Pink Squad” of  TM, which began in an exciting way already on Friday with the presentation of the new pink livery like the bikes of the Pesaro-based  Company in the early nineties and ended in an even more exciting way with the victory of the Australian rider Wil Ruprecht who became the undisputed protagonist in the Enduro GP.

The Australia-based rider ran a race at the limit of perfection, touching the victory on Saturday lost due to a trivial mistake in the second passage, and then conquering it on Sunday at the end of a race conducted in an impeccable way and with the maximum concentration that earned him the top step of the Enduro GP and E2 class.

Wil Ruprecht will arrive at the next GP in Coimbra in Portugal again with the gold colored plate.

Excellent performance also for Matteo Pavoni, the reigning Junior champion, in his first year with the top riders, obtained an excellent second place on the opening day, recording three best times in the class in the twelve special tests up for grabs.

On Sunday the Brescia-based rider was unable to shine as he did on the opening day, finishing only in sixth place.

In the E1 class Matteo Cavallo collected an excellent fourth place and a sixth place on the final day of the home GP. On the opening day the Piemonte-based rider recorded excellent times and in Portugal, this weekend, he will try to improve the score of the Carpineti GP.

The Enduro Circus does not stop and after  the Italian GP, Team and the riders are already on their way to Coimbra, Portugal where the fourth GP of the 2022 season will be held next weekend.


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The TM L30 Racing Team reached the Busca International Circuit for the third seasonal round of the Italian Supermoto Internationals 2022, the track was the ideal stage for another perfect weekend, Ruiz and Vandi dominated the S4 class with a victory each, but also in S1 Marc Reiner Schmidt and Elia Sammartin, respectively finished first and second.
In the championship, Schmidt has clearly stretched in S1 class, Sammartin is at the top of the Italian standing and Vandi has a consistent advantage of 310 points over second in S4.


In the premier class on the SMX 450 factory 2022 Marc Reiner Schmidt and Elia Sammartin obtained the first and second time in qualifying; Schmidt was for the third consecutive time the author of the pole position.
In race 1 Schmidt started in second position behind Sammartin, already from the second lap the German took the lead, with Sammartin at the wheel. The two teammates then finished in the same order.
In race 2, Schmidt immediately took the lead this time, with Sammartin second; Schmidt easily dominated the race and Sammartin finished in second position just 5 seconds, confirming himself as the best of Italian riders.


In addition to Kevin Vandi and Lorenzo Papalini, Alex Ruiz and Giovanni Galloni also made their return to this championship.
In race 1 Alex Ruiz led all the laps, while Vandi recovered up to third place after a delayed start. For Lorenzo Papalini a fall at the start in which he sustained the fracture of the malleolus, while Giovanni Galloni who could not avoid Lorenzo, was forced to start from the back of the pack, finishing in eighteenth place.
In race 2 Ruiz took the lead, followed by Vandi who on the second lap took the lead, an amazing fight between the two teammates, until the last two laps, when Kevin launched the decisive attack and went on to win, with Ruiz second.
For Galloni a good start, with the ninth place, but due to a hardening of the forearms he was forced to slow down, finishing twelfth.

IVAN LAZZARINI: “It was an incredible weekend, with many victories in all classes, Ruiz and Vandi put on a big show in S4, with Kevin that also managing to reach the top of the championship standings.
In S1 Schmidt has won everything: the pole position and the two races; with Sammartin second overall and above all firmly at the top of the Italian Championship standings.
Too bad for Papalini’s injury to whom we wish him a speedy recovery and despite bad luck also Galloni on his return.
Let’s go back to the team base with 3 red plates, we will see each other in Viterbo for the next round.
Thanks to TM Racing and all our sponsors. “


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The L30 Racing Team riding the TM Racing Factory m.y. 2022 is back in Italy for the third round of the S1GP Supermoto World Championship on the fast track of the “Sardinia Circuit”.
Marc Reiner Schmidt was victim of two crashes in the weekend, but the rocky German did not give up and still managed to maintain the leadership of S1GP World Championship.
For the reigning Italian Champion Elia Sammartin another positive weekend with 3 fourth places and the consequent fourth place in the championship standings, completed by the Estonian rider Patrick Pals.


In S1GP class, Riding the SMX 450 Factory Marc Reiner Schmidt finished third, Elia Sammartin fourth and Patrick Pals eighteenth.

In race 1 Marc Reiner Schmidt was quick at the start and immediately moved to second position, on lap four he managed to take the lead for 4 laps, until the pain forced him to give up one position, however, finishing in second place.
Elia Sammartin was the author of a good start, placing himself in fifth place and then conquering fourth place in the middle of the race, keeping it up to the checkered flag; Patrick Pals started eighteenth and then managed to finish with a good fourteenth place.
In Race 2 “Fast race”, Marc Reiner Schmidt crashed at the end of the warm up, but he still started in third place and on lap nine he moved to second position, conquering the second step of the podium at the finish line.
Elia Sammartin was the most regular: for him fourth place from the first lap; while Patrick Pals suffered a crash during the fourth lap, which forced him to finish in twentieth position.
In the super final Schimdt started in third position, keeping it up to the finish line and conquering the points necessary to maintain the leadership of the championship even if only by 2 points.
For Sammartin fourth place in the race and in the championship standings; Pals finished the super final in seventeenth place and eighteenth overall.

IVAN LAZZARINI: “It was a tough weekend, Mark’s crash during Superpole forced us to play in defense mode, the impact was quite important and it was not easy for Schmidt to run in pain, but despite everything we managed to keep it and complete 3 good races.
Positive note of the weekend is that we are still ahead in the world championship standings.
We are very satisfied about Elia Sammartin, who finished with 3 fourth places, proving once again to be the strongest Italian rider in this moment.
Now we will still work a lot to improve ourselves and avoid mistakes that put at risk the championship, next round will be on July 10 in Czech Republic on Vysoke Myto circuit.
Thanks to TM Racing and to those who support us.”


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Sixth appointment with the Assoluti d’Italia Enduro, which this weekend made a stop in Passignano sul Trasimeno, in the province of Perugia, for the sixth day of competition of nine of this season 2022. A one-day race held on a course of about 55 km to be repeated three times and with three different special tests (an extreme neutral, an enduro test and a cross test), for a total of 9 specials.

A highly technical and treacherous race course, expertly designed by Motoclub Ponte San Giovanni in collaboration with Track Inspector Mario Rinaldi which included a natural Extreme test of about 2.5 km with hard terrain, a 6 km long Enduro Test with mixed terrain, stony and hard and a very fast Cross Test of over 3 km, characterized by hard terrain valid as the last lap.

Our riders were once again extraordinary and at the end of the day they all got on the final podium.

The best of ours was Wil Ruprecht who conquered the second step of the podium in the Foreigners class and fought for the top positions in the Overall, finishing in third place.

Excellent victory for Matteo Pavoni in the 300 class, the Brescia-based rider recorded a third best time in the last cross test but must improve in the Enduro Test in which to date is not yet able to express himself at his best.

In the 125 class an excellent performance for Deny Philippaerts who took the second step of the podium while Matteo Cavallo is third in the hard fought and difficult 250 4T class.

The Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro take a break to then return on July 17 with the seventh day of competition of the 2022 season in Ceva (CN).


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On Friday, 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May, in the splendid setting of Peso da Régua in Portugal, a few kilometers from Porto, the second round of the 2022 FIM EnduroGP World Championship was held.

A race weekend under a warm spring sun interspersed with episodes of heavy rain showers, which saw our riders competing against a path expertly designed by the Motoclub Natureza Extreme divided into four special technical and demanding stages like only dirt races Portuguese they know how to be.


The stage of Peso da Régua, valid for the third and fourth round of the EnduroGP 2022, opened with an Enduro test about 6.5 km long, followed by an insidious 5.5 km long Cross Test, an extreme natural test short but very technical in true Portuguese style to close with the Friday night Super Test to be repeated for all laps.


An extraordinary weekend for our team and for our Australian rider Wil Ruprecht who showed his great skills on Portuguese soil and won both days of competition in the E2 class and in the prestigious and hard-fought Enduro GP class. On the opening day Wil fought with several drivers for the first position and never gave up showing speed and tenacity. At the end of the day, the Australian rider and the whole team celebrated their well-deserved first double victory of 2022, Enduro GP and E2 class. Also on Sunday Wil Ruprecht immediately pushed on the accelerator and for the whole day of competition he remained in the lead overall, recording incredible times especially in the Enduro Test where he always made the difference. The final score is a first place in the Enduro GP and a first place in the E2. Wil returns home leader in both E2 and EnduroGP.


He is once again on the podium, as in the Spanish GP, our Piedmontese driver Matteo Cavallo. On the opening day, the E1 class rider ran a good race finishing third and eighth in the Enduro GP. On the following day Matteo was unable to repeat himself but obtained a good fourth place in E1 and a tenth place in the Enduro GP.

Excellent performance also for Matteo Pavoni in the E3 class, the reigning Junior champion raced highlighting grit and tenacity. After the fourth place on the opening day Matteo Pavoni confirmed the same score also on Day2.

After the Portuguese trip, the Endurogp circus will take a long break until June when the third round of the 2022 season will be staged in Italy, in Carpineti, on 24, 25 and 26 June.



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