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The L30 Racing Team riding TM Racing m.y. 2021 at the start of the fourth round of the Italian International Supermoto Championship in Pomposa circuit, a positive weekend full of emotions in all classes.


In S1 class, the team composed by the reigning champion Marc Reiner Schmidt, Thomas Chareyre, Diego Monticelli and rookie’s Luca Bozza, all at the start on the SMX 450 factory.
In race 1 Thomas Chareyre takes the lead, chased by Schmidt, but in the dirt section Chareyre crash, dragging his teammate with him.
The two immediately get to work to come back to the lead, Monticelli and the surprising Bozza take advantage of the situation which are placed in second and third place.
Monticelli took a great race, which ended in second place. Chareyre and Schmidt finish their comeback with the third and fourth place finish.
Rookie’s Luca Bozza after a great start, will finish seventh.
In race 2 Chareyre is still the fastest at the start, but Schmidt immediately pass him inside, the two run away, unfortunately Monticelli fall after a good start and must recover from the last position.
Schmidt drives to the limit and on the second lap makes a mistake losing the front, Chareyre finds himself alone in first position and with an incredible pace he clearly wins the race.
Marc Reiner Schmidt will be the victim of another 3 crashes and will have to settle for fifth position.
Monticelli will be the author of a great comeback, finished in fourth place, while Luca Bozza will finish in ninth place.


In S2 class, Steve Bonnal gets pole position in qualifying and will be the protagonist of a magnificent first heat, clearly dominated and driven from the first to the last lap.
In the second moto, bad start for Steve that must follow the first two riders, but after a few corners he will be able to gain second position, keeping it until the finish line.
A race finished in second position equal with the race winner, Bonnal with this result further increases his advantage in S2 Championship.


At the start of S4 class, the crew composed by Kevin Vandi, Alessandro Sanchioni, Lorenzo Papalini and Giovanni Galloni.
In race 1 Vandi took second place and Sanchioni is closed behind him. The two follow the leader and drive very decisively, Papalini also starts well and follows the leading group, a little further behind Galloni in ninth place.
Vandi in the middle undergoes a last attack and will be placed in third place, a position he will maintain until the checkered flag, followed by Sanchioni fourth.
Papalini ends with an excellent seventh place, showing that he has taken a big step forward of the feeling with his TM SMX 450 factory.
Excellent start for Galloni in ninth place, but a problem will penalize his performance.
In race 2 Kevin Vandi starts third, but with two decisive overtakes he takes the lead, in a race where positions change very quickly.
Sanchioni is following the leading group very closely, immediately occupying fourth position, while Vandi push very hard, leading several laps.
Papalini will still be a great performer on the Pomposa circuit, with a magnificent race ended in sixth place, same place overall.
A sprint finish for Vandi and Sanchioni, respectively third and fourth, while Galloni, after a race where he occupied the top ten for a long time, will unfortunately finish in the rear of the pack.

IVAN LAZZARINI: ” Also this weekend in Pomposa is done, in S1 class an infinity of twists and turns with the crashes of Schmidt and Chareyre, with Tom that still maintaining the leadership with the second place obtained in the overall. Monticelli also crashed when he occupied important positions, despite everything we are also satisfied with his third place overall. Luca Bozza is the third rookie of the weekend, with a strong race 1.
In the S4 class Vandi drove strong, getting third place and precious points, Sanchioni was good, getting fourth place, now the championship is short and we will play it until the end.
Papalini and Galloni recorded excellent times and further improved, Papalini’s sixth place finish was very satisfied.
We are not fully satisfied in S2, because Bonnal normally won this class, but second place is also fine, with a heat win and second place, important points for the championship. Now we get ready for the next round!”


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On Sunday 16th May the sixth round of the Italian Enduro Championships was held in Fabriano, in the Marche region.

The riders of the TM Boano Factory Team have once again dominated going to win with Will Ruprecht in the Overall class and in the Foreigners class, in the hard-fought 250 4T with Matteo Cavallo and with Matteo Pavoni and Lorenzo Macoritto respectively in the Junior and 250 2T classes.

Will Ruprecht is the absolute ruler of the sixth round of the Assoluti d’Italia Enduro. The Australian rider has run an incredible race showing all his speed and despite some mistakes and crashes too much he won the overall still winning the leader table.

In the 250 4T class Matteo Cavallo jumped on the top step of the podium after a day spent fighting against his opponents, special after special, and taking advantage of the mistakes of others. The victory in Fabriano allows Matteo Cavallo to extend also in the provisional standings that sees the Piedmontese rider leader with twelve points.

Also Lorenzo Macoritto is increasingly leader of the 250 2T class and at Fabriano the rider from Friuli has signed his sixth consecutive victory.

After the zero in the standings remedied in  Piediluco, at Fabriano Matteo Pavoni has collected another victory in the Junior class distancing of five points his direct opponent.

The rider from Brescia also enters the Top Ten in the Overall.

Congratulations to our Thomas Marini who in the 300 2T class took an excellent second place and is still in the game for the class title.

Next appointment in less than a month in Sarnico, in the province of Bergamo, Sunday, June 6, where the seventh round of the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro will be held.


“After the zero of Piediluco my goal was to recover points in the standings and so it was. I’m satisfied with the result and now we think to Sarnico”.


“I found it difficult to get into the right rhythm in the special tests but in the end and with a bit of luck I managed to take home the victory”.


“I am happy with the result and my performance. In these races I compare myself with the top riders of the world championship and with future rivals in the Enduro GP class”.


“Another victory and another step towards the final goal. Now head down and concentrate for the next challenge that will be in Sarnico”.

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Great weekend for TM Racing in Ottobiano, 2nd round “Italian Supermoto Internationals”


Another positive weekend for the L30 Racing Team, riding TM Racing m.y. 2021 in Ottobiano circuit, for the second round of the “Italian Supermoto Internationals” held on Sunday 9 May.


In the premier class, lined up on the SMX 450 factory: the reigning champion Marc Reiner Schmidt, Thomas Chareyre, Diego Monticelli and Luca Bozza.
In race 1 Schmidt starts leading and Chareyre chases him, the two riders immediately make a void, this time Marc imposes a great pace without making mistakes, but Thomas during the last lap tries everything, with an attack on the last corner and the consequent sprint finish; with Schmidt winner and Chareyre second.
Diego Monticelli is fast and will lead a good race in fourth place from the first to the last lap.
Luca Bozza continues his experience in the main class finishing eleventh, without making mistakes.
In race 2 the roles of Chareyre and Schmidt are reversed, in fact Thomas starts in the lead and after an hard-fought initial phase, Marc prefers to close in second position.
Chareyre will be the author of an impressive records laps, winning race and overall with authority, with Schmidt in second place.
Monticelli impresses in the beginning of the race, entering the duel with the two teammates, a crash forced him to recover, however, concluding in fifth place overall, conquering the fourth position in the championship and the second in the Italian ranking.
Luca Bozza ends his race in twelfth place, still comparing himself with the big names in this class.


In the S2 class Steve Bonnal wins the overall classification despite two starts not at the top, but consolidating his red plate as championship leader.
In race 1 Bonnal did not start at his best and became the author of a steady comeback that would allow him to recover from sixth position, up to grabbing the lead on the seventh lap, coming under the checkered flag in front of everyone.
In race 2 Steve starts well, but a contact at the first corner still forces him to a race all in recovery mode, from the middle of the stage Bonnal changes his pace again and with a solid progression, he will reach third place close to second.


Kevin Vandi, Alessandro Sanchioni, Lorenzo Papalini and Giovanni Maria Galloni represent the colors of the L30 Racing Team in the class dedicated to asphalt specialists.
In race 1 Sanchioni and Vandi starts very good, the two riders try to chase the leader for several laps and become the protagonists of a duel entirely signed by TM Racing, with Vandi second at the checkered flag and Sanchioni third very close to him.
Good job for Papalini: after a good start in seventh position and a good race pace, will have to give up some positions on the final finishing ninth.
Galloni starts discreetly in his second race and collects a good eleventh place in his class.
In race 2 Kevin Vandi wants to redeem himself, he is the most reactive at the start, but Sanchioni is immediately behind him. On the seventh lap Sanchioni, after a conservative race, unleashes the decisive attack by reaching the top and winning his first race of 2021, confirming his excellent condition.
Vandi will also have to give up second position and with some recriminations he will be third, capitalizing the day.
Papalini starts fourteenth, but lap after lap he will be able to move into the top ten, reaching tenth and conquering another eighth place overall.
Galloni with the good performance in race 1 and the result of this second heat, will be able to get the ninth place overall.

IVAN LAZZARINI“Second round of Internazionali d’Italia, we are still satisfied with the results, the S1 class lived again on the duel between Thomas and Marc, undisputed protagonists of the premier class, we had fun and they won each other; Diego Monticelli also did very well, despite the crash, he showed a good pace and we find him in fourth place in the International classification, while he is in second place in the Italian one.
In S2 another win for Steve Bonnal, who was the author of a full comeback race 1 and a race 2 with a few mistakes, which deprived him of the success of the heat 2.
Even in the S4 class we got some great satisfactions, with Sanchioni’s first victory of 2021 and the second place of the day; well third place for Kevin Vandi, who lost a few points from the leader, but we are still fighting with both for the title in S4, the Championship is still long and with them we will make up for the next race “

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In Custonaci last weekend the second and third rounds of the Italian championship of Italy took place and, as in 2017, the organizing motorcycle club created a high level race.

Our riders have transformed this race weekend into the “perfect weekend” for TM Racing s.p.a. and for the TM Boano Factory Team. Six class wins out of six classes in both days of competition ! On the second day they surpassed each other by occupying four of the first five absolute places!

In the Absolute Will Ruprecht gave a signal, not only for the Italian Championship, of which he is the new leader, but also for the World Championship. The Australian is certainly a candidate among the protagonists of this 2021 season. In Custonaci Wil was a real star, winning both days and recording several absolute best times, thirteen out of twenty-two special stages of the two days.

Matteo Cavallo in Sicily ran an excellent race. Second in both days of competition in the Overall, behind his teammate, and first, again on both days, in the 250 4T class. The Piedmontese rider is finding an excellent feeling with his new bike and at the moment he is the leader of the 250 4T and second in the overall.
Incredible race for Lorenzo Macoritto, absolute protagonist in the 250 2T, and star performer also in the Overall which ended with an excellent third place in the sum of the two days. For him also some Absolute victories in the single tests. He showed great harmony with the new bike and great growth.

Excellent two days also for the young rider from Brescia Matteo Pavoni who dominated the Junior class and on both days he closed behind the first absolutes with an eighth and fifth overall. Fast and determined he has shown that he is ready to fight with the best in the World Championship.

Great satisfaction also for Thomas Marini of Team Costa Ligure Tm Racing who in the 300 class showed stubbornness and speed, winning both days of competition and conquering the leadership of the class. Especially on the second day where in the last test he managed to recover twelve seconds showing great strength.

Jarno: “I have no words… if not a huge thank you to everyone! This time I let the results of this great and unforgettable weekend speak! Thanks guys you were super! Today let’s enjoy them all … tomorrow we will start working again for the next challenge! ”

Next appointment in about a month in Piediluco in the province of Terni on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 April where the fourth and fifth act of the Enduro Absolutes of Italy will be held.

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