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Supermoto European Championship Sestriere

Chareyre in the Legend of Supermoto

As for last year the European Supermoto Championship ended at Sestriere, an autumn climate that did not facilitate the task of the Tm Factory Racing Team.
Diego Monticelli not yet in top form has decided not to take part in the race to be able to start the Supermoto delle Nazioni in France in 15 days.
In qualifying Thomas cannot express himself as he would like, the street circuit does not limit the performance of his Tm 450, Chareyre takes second place.
At the start of the first race Thomas does not risk the first corner and for a few laps he studies his opponent, Thomas with an exceptional race behavior proving once again to be the champion, on the ninth lap he takes the lead of the race and wins with a good margin on the pursuers.
In race 2 Thomas Chareyre during the second lap the reigning World Champion slips to the first corner, Thomas is very fast to get back on the bike and starts again in eighth place. Chareyre shows something incredible on a track where overcoming was very difficult. His comeback starts four laps from the end. Tom is first going to close the season with his fifth double win of the season, closing the championship with a full score and graduating for the second time European Champion.
For the TM Factory Team there is still an important appointment that will see them engaged on September 21-22 in the Nations trophy.

Alex Serafini Team Manager comments on the race as follows: “A beautiful weekend, full of emotions, this was not a suitable track for our bike, but working hard we were able to settle in the best way to make the difference, we didn’t think to run like that at attack, but then the setting we found was great, so Thomas was able to make the difference as he knows how to do.”

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TM Racing USA promotion

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Internationals of Italy Supermoto Casteletto di Branduzzo

Last act for the Internazionali d’Italia of Supermoto which took place in Castelletto di Branduzzo in the province of Pavia, as for last year’s double race on Saturday and Sunday with different track configurations, Saturday with only the sky section and Sunday with also the dirt part.

Diego Monticelli appears at this last double appointment with still the possibility of being able to win the Italian title, unfortunately the physical condition of Diego after the injury suffered in Portugal and the blow remedied a week ago in Spain in the European does not allow him to be 100% of his physical condition.

In the first day of races Diego in the qualifications failed to find the feeling with the Lombarda track, we remember that Castelletto is a very demanding track from the physical point of view, and he did not manage to do better than the ninth position on the grid.

In race 1 Diego at the start managed to recover a couple of positions, taking the seventh place he held until the checkered flag.

In the second race Monticelli fought as he could to try to recover as many positions as possible but he also tried not to force too much to avoid making mistakes, Diego finished seventh.

On the second day of racing Diego Monticelli because of the knee that still gave him problems decided to get on the track but his performance was not at his height.

Diego led a good race without exaggerating bringing home the necessary points to be able to secure his second position in the championship and try to quickly recover the conditions for the next two important races before the end of the season.

Diego Monticelli also gets the Bronze medal in the International classification.

In a week at Sestriere there will be the last European race and on 21-22 September Diego is called to represent Italy at the Trofeo delle Nazioni, which will take place in France.

Alex Serafini Team Manager comments on the race: “We knew it was not easy to try to win the Italian Championship and in Diego’s physical condition the situation was even more difficult, but I am satisfied that our driver never gave up. Now let’s try to recover it for the last few races.

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Supermoto European Championship (Pleven – Bulgaria)

Winner Jan Ulman with TM 85 SMX (by Moto Performance – TM Czech)

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Supermoto European Championship 2019

Another step towards the Title.

Penultimate race of the European Supermoto Championship was held in Forcarei in Spain, a track that hosts the discipline for the first time, for the occasion the race format took place all in a day that complicated the team’s work.

Thomas Chareyre presents himself at this World Champion race, won last month in Portugal, the Frenchman is going through a period of exceptional form and is demonstrating it this season. Diego Monticelli unfortunately appears at this race in less than optimal conditions, the knee injury has not yet healed 100%.

In qualifying Thomas once again proves to be the driver to beat, now there are no more words to describe what he can do on his Tm, Chareyre gets an amazing pole position. Monticelli fails to go beyond the ninth time.

At the start of race 1 Thomas made no mistake and immediately put himself in the lead of the group and thanks to an incredible pace in a few laps he managed to take a good advantage over his direct opponent who in trying to keep up with the Frenchman slipped. Thomas Chareyre wins the solo race. Diego Monticelli manages to improve the going to close in eighth place.

In race 2 another superb test for Thomas who manages to win without struggling, on this new track Chareyre has an extra gear and managed to find a special feeling by scoring excellent times that no other opponent managed to stand up to.

Diego Monticelli unfortunately, due to a crash, still beat on his knees in Portugal and had to retire.

A couple of weeks off and then back to racing at Sestriere, the city circuit, for the last act of the 2019 European Championship.

Alex Serafini Team Manager comments on the race as follows: “It was a really good weekend, it was not easy to manage this” all in one day “formula but we still managed in the best way both us as a Team and Thomas who has scored a great pole position and going on to win both races, Diego struggled a bit because of the knee he injured in Portugal and he is not 100% yet, in the second race he crashed going to hit that knee again, we hope that the two-week break will give him the chance to recover at his best for the last part of the season.”

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