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Also at the Italian GP Andrea Verona and Loic Larrieu are among the protagonists of the Enduro GP

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September the second act of the enduro world championship was held and the city of Spoleto hosted the Italian GP.

The TM Racing Factory Enduro presented itself in full force and at the home GP it lined up all its  three Bishops. In  the E1 and Enduro GP class the Italian rider Andrea Verona while in the classe E2 and Enduro GP the reigning champion (E2 class ) Loic Larrieu.

The new entry of the 2020 season is the Youth class rider Nathan Bererd, the young rider is gaining experience and confidence thanks also to the experience of team manager Luca Cherubini.

The race weekend was full of successes and podiums as usual and on both days of competition Andrea Verona and Loic Larrieu fought to the last centimeter of each special tests.

On the opening day Andrea Verona narrowly touched the victory in the E1 class but at the end of the race he had to settle for second place. Same result as his teammate for Loic Larrieu, the French rider took an excellent second place in E2.

In EnduroGP the best result was that of Andrea Verona, with an excellent fourth place while Loic Larrieu finished with the fifth position.

On the following day Loic Larrieu, with the special tests at the limit of practicability, ran an excellent race, managing to snatch the third position of the EnduroGP from the hands of his rivals. Excellent performance also in the E2 class for the French rider who closed the day with a well-deserved second place. Positive race weekend also for Andrea Verona who tried in every way to win both days but in the end he collected two second places that fit very tight.

At the moment Andrea Verona is the leader of the E1 class and in the next two GPs in Portugal the 2020 season will be decided.

In the Enduro GP Andrea has collected good performances, a fourth place on Saturday and a fifth place on Sunday.

The final score for our rider Nathan Bererd is a ninth and a sixth place in the Yoth class.


“Honestly, I am not fully satisfied with the results obtained at the Spoleto GP but so are the races. The pace is good and now we only need maximum concentration in the last two GPs of the seasonon.


“I am satisfied with the results obtained. I really liked the special tests because in all three you had to stay focused because you could lose a lot of seconds especially on Sunday. Day2 was quite challenging due to the heavy rains but I managed to get a good result and the podium in the EnduroGP


“A positive weekend and the final score grew. I want to thank the team for the wonderful job they are doing.

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Victories and podiums for Andrea Verona and Loic Larrieu at the GP of France

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September the first round of the enduro world championship took place after several months of inactivity due to the ongoing health emergency.

Requista, a small town at the foot of the Massif Central, hosted the first round of the 2020 enduro world championship and the three special tests designed by the organizing moto club were quite demanding, especially after the rain fell on Saturday night.

Our riders distinguished themselves at the French GP and both Andrea Verona, in his first experience among top riders, and the reigning E2 champion Loic Larrieu shared podiums and victories in the EnduroGP and in their respective classes.

In EnduroGP, our two riders climbed to the lowest step of the podium on both days of competition. Loic Larrieu on the opening day picked up the third place in front of his audience while Andrea Verona climbed the podium of the EnduroGP for the first time after a very hard-fought day.

For the Veneto-based rider Andrea Verona the start of the season in the E1 class was excellent, with his splendid double  at the moment he is the leader of the E1 class with full points.

Reigning E2 class champion Loic Larrieu raced in front of his audience but failed to give a victory to the TM Racing Factory Enduro. The final score of the French rider is two second places.

The enduro world championship will stop in Spoleto this weekend for the Italian GP.


“I am extremely happy for the double win in the E1 class and especially for the podium obtained on Sunday in the EnduroGP. For me this was my first weekend among top riders and I have no words to describe my happiness for these victories and podiums. ”


“The enduro world championship has finally restarted, along with all the competitive activities after a long and exhausting forced stop. The race weekend did not go very well but I am satisfied with the results obtained ”

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NEWS TM RACING 2020: The International Sales Manager

Roberto Aloi,

the TM Racing’s International Sales Manager

“There is something new in TM Racing: the International Sales Manager”.

With this unequivocal leitmotiv we had announced something new in our staff and today we unveiled the name of our International Sales Manager, officially presenting him on our social and YouTube channels: it is Roberto Aloi, an appreciated professional in motorcycle sales for over twenty years, trained in prestigious companies in the sector.

«We have started a review in all sectors for two years: the purchase of cutting-edge equipment, better structures to increase production capacity, hiring of engineers from the racing world, as well as new projects. The introduction of an International Sales Manager is therefore our latest investment towards a phase of renewal and progress» Gastone Serafini, TM Racing’s CEO, says.

The company’s goal is to set up a commercial strategy appropriate to the current market in order to ensure that TM Racing is recognized among the top brands of the off-road motorcycle sector and not only that and can optimize and further spread its presence internationally.

«With TM we have set a long-term goal that is very stimulating for me – Roberto Aloi says – as we want to renew the commercial approach based on market demands, expanding the vision of the company and engaging with new operations in fields unexplored until today, even if always related to the world of motorized two-wheels».

Together with the revised market planning with renewed marketing strategies, TM Racing intends to focus further on quality and cutting-edge technology, which has always been the flagship of ours motorcycles, starting from the racing sector which for over 40 years has been the soul of the company.

Quality, exclusivity and craftsmanship are the TM Racing’s prerogatives that we want to make known internationally with particular attention to the young public, so to have a mature customer loyal to the brand in the future.

Among the first projects awaiting Roberto Aloi there is in fact the launch on the US market of a new TM Racing mini cross motorcycle with 112 2-stroke engine.

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Supermoto World Championship Gp of Lombardia

First round of the season with the World Championship and the European Supermoto Championship which was held on the Castelletto di Branduzzo track.

The TM Factory Racing team lines up the multiple world champion Thomas Chareyre in the S1 and Diego Monticelli and the very young Steve Bonnal in the S2.

The new world championship formula includes three races, the first of which is to be held on Saturday.

In qualifying for the World Championship Thomas gets the third place on the starting grid.

At the start of race 1 Chareyre is exceptional at the start and immediately moves to second position, Thomas for most of the race was attacking his opponent and during the last laps he induced Schmidt to make a mistake taking the lead and with three spectacular laps he took home his first victory of the heats

In the second heat run on Sunday, Chareyre got off to a perfect start again and immediately got close to the leader, Thomas tried until the last lap but was unable to find the right opening to win the race, settling for second place.

In race 3 the French champion was unable to keep up with the leaders, due to a less than perfect feeling that did not allow him to push as he would have liked, finishing third in the heats and second overall.

In the European championship Diego Monticelli in qualifying, in the rain, got the pole position, Steve Bonnal closes with an excellent fourth place.

In race 1 Diego is perfect at the start, he takes the lead and with an incredible pace for everyone he wins with a good gap, Bonnal fails to start well and at the first corner he is very late but thanks to an excellent comeback he ends up in 12th place.

Race 2 sees Monticelli once again the protagonist at the start, he loses the leadership he regained during the second lap and wins by margin. Bonnal makes a few mistakes too many and can’t do better than 15th place.

In the third and final race Monticelli in the off-road section makes a mistake and loses a couple of positions, Diego with a good pace manages to take home the second final position, Bonnal 14th.

Diego Monticelli climbs to the top step of the podium.

Alex Serafini Team Manager comments as follows: “We are very happy with Diego’s result. He was very good in both heats and even in the rain he showed great speed, Bonnal is very young and needs to grow but he showed us good things. In the world championship we still have to work to be able to be competitive again. “

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Internationals of Italy Supermoto Round 2 Latina

After almost a month we are back on track for the second round of the Internazionali d’Italia in Latina the great heat has put riders and professionals in serious difficulty, for the Tm Factory Team a good news, the return to the track of Steve Bonnal after the injury suffered before the long lock down.

All day the team had to work hard to find the right seeting with the Lazio track, both Thomas and Monticelli struggled to find the right feeling to be able to make the most of their 450.

In qualifying Thomas gets third place and Diego seventh.

At the start of race 1 Thomas got off to a very good start, moving to second position, unfortunately, with the passing of the laps the multiple world champion Chareyre struggled to keep up with his opponents and in order not to make mistakes and frustrate the work he had done, he finished in fourth place , Monticelli was unable to start well and at the entrance to the dirt road he lost several positions, Diego finished eighth.

In the interval between the two races the team worked to try to give its riders a more performing bike and so it was, in race 2 Thomas after a first part as a wait-and-see pulled out his claws and demonstrated his speed and closed in second place. Diego Monticelli also managed to improve by finishing seventh.

Steve Bonnal in the difficult S2 category put on two excellent heats which earned him the third step of the day’s podium.

Just a few days off and then back on track for the first round of the World Championship on the Castelletto di Branduzzo track.

Alex Serafini comments: “It was not an easy day, our riders struggled to find the right feeling and we had to work a lot between the two heats to revolutionize the bike and this brought us a big improvement. I am very happy for the podium in Bonnal, now we go to Castelletto and we will try to defend the title of last year.

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