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ENDUROGP 2021 RD4 – SWEDEN – Ruprecht wins Day1, Macoritto and Pavoni leader in their class

Skovde, a tourist village a few kilometres from Gothenburg, hosted an unusual world GP this 2021 season.

The fourth world round began on the evening of Thursday, July 22, with the Super Test, won by our Australian driver Will Ruprecht and ended on Saturday, July 24, when Day 2 took place.

The Swedish GP was characterized not only by a different race program than usual but also by a very particular course designed for the occasion by the FMCK Military Motoclub and which included a Cross Test located inside a quarry, an Extreme Test on a ski slope and an Enduro Test in a classic sandy forest.

Will Ruprecht literally dominated the opening day by winning both, the prestigious Enduro GP, and the E2 class. The Australian Rider ran an almost perfect race and where won four of the nine special stages and finishing second in other five.

On Saturday, however, things got complicated in the final when Will Ruprecht crashed in the third Enduro Test, at the start of the last lap, throwing the final podium and the fight for first place in the Enduro GP in the air.

The final score is a fifth place in the Enduro GP and a second place in the E2 class.

Another weekend of absolute dominators in the Junior class for our two riders Lorenzo Macoritto and Matteo Pavoni.

In Sweden, our two riders fought a great battle on the edge of the seconds. Lorenzo ran a great race, winning both days of competition in the Junior and thus reopening the championship and the fight with his teammate Matteo.

Difficult weekend for Matteo Cavallo who had to stop in Day1 due to a fuel pump problem, and in Day2, while he was fighting for the podium with four other riders, for crashed heavily, without serious consequences, but had to give up. This difficult moment will also pass for Matteo who will race the ISDE with the Italian national team in the E3 class with the TM 300 FI 2T.

Jarno: “Even this week end of the race was incandescent. The leaders of the EnduroGp are always at the limit of their possibilities and this tires not only physically but also mentally.

After a first day as dominator Will paid a little for this pressure,  giving space to his opponents at the end. In this sport you need great experience and Will is making a treasure race after race.

Surely his opponents on this front are more prepared! … but rest assured that we will get there ! In Junior Matteo and Lorenzo have gave a great show especially at the end of the two days with times from the top five of the EnduroGp. Lorenzo in this race had a twist more than Matteo by deservedly winning.

Now there will be the Six Days with the National team and then move on to the championship final !! Never give up!”

The end of the season will be incandescent but now the Enduro World Championship takes a long break and stops for about two months and then moves to Zschopau on 9 and 10 October for the German GP.


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L30 Racing Team riding TM Racing m.y. 2021 comes in the Czech Republic, in Visoke Myto for the second round of the World and European Championships, fielding the usual, impressive formation and obtaining great results with the “young riders”: Luca Bozza and Steve Bonnal. Chareyre returns to the top of the podium earning valuable points for the championship.


In S1 class, the reigning champion Thomas Chareyre, Diego Monticelli and the young Patrick Pals are lined up as usual on the SMX 450 factory.
In race 1 Thomas Chareyre starts in the lead, imposing an impressive pace on the race and despite the speed of his opponents, managing to win the heat. Diego Monticelli started from fifth place, tries to move up the pack and at the end, after a heated duel he will reach sixth place; Patrick Pals starts badly and will be able to recover some positions, arriving eleventh at the finish.
Race 2 is run with the “Fast race” formula, Chareyre is second at the start, another hard-fought race is expected to win, on the seventh lap Thomas must be overtaken by an opponent into third position, but under the checkered flag he will conquer second place.
Monticelli has done a regular race, keeping the sixth position from the first to the last lap.
Positive race for Pals, who manages to start well and find the right pace to get the final ninth place.
In the super final Chareyre is third in the first laps, but he will be author of a masterful race, overtaking his opponents, winning the final and also the overall classification of the Czech Republic GP, now Thomas further shortens the gap from his opponent in the championship. Monticelli is forced to recover after a difficult start, coming under the checkered flag sixth, still a top ten for Pals who gets ninth at the finish.


In S2 class, confirmed as usual the two young riders: Luca Bozza and Steve Bonnal, who once again show their level, remaining in contention for the European championship, both climb on the podium in Visoke Myto.
In race 1 Luca Bozza has done a good start, but not only: also of an amazing race, crowned by the second place. Steve Bonnal, on the other hand, finds himself in fifth position on the first lap, but with a lot of determination he will climb the rankings getting third place, immediately following his teammate.
In race 2 an excellent start for Bonnal who sprints in second place, meanwhile a difficult start for Bozza, in sixth position.
Steve resists the attacks of his opponents and after having been third for a few laps, he will be able to conquer the second position overall.
For Bozza the sixth position, but an excellent third place overall of GP, reaffirming his concreteness.

IVAN LAZZARINI: “It was a perfect weekend for us, with Chareyre demonstrating his superiority, rejecting the attacks of really tough opponents; now we have also shortened the distance from the top in the championship. Monticelli did well getting the sixth place overall, Pals in his second race of the season still got the ninth place, continuing to increase the feeling with the bike.
As for the European Championship Luca Bozza and Steve Bonnal got on the podium again and keep the championship open, Bozza went really fast in the first heat and Bonnal continues to prove to be at an excellent level.
Now let’s think about the next round on August 22, in Spain.”

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Thomas Chareyre, a rare bird in the world of motorcycling (indeed, a “blue” bird!)

Sport is about values, but, at a high level, it is rare to find a sportsman who reaffirms his team every year, with sincere passion and dedication towards it.

Thomas Chareyre has been riding and winning with a TM since 2009 and has just signed a two-year contract with his blue bike.

We are happy to announce this with great esteem for the French rider and a touch of pride, as he is a rider who was “born and bred” in TM from the very beginning.

Thomas, in fact, holds eight world titles (the last seven in a row).

In short, for more than ten years Thomas has been taking the TM supermotard to the top of the podium in its category.

We at TM would like to thank him for his presence and his desire to be part of our motorbike family, confirming the harmony and mutual esteem that exists between our company and the rider himself.

Thanks a lot Tom, it will be another two years in “blue” and it will be great to ride new adventures and new circuits together.

TM Racing S.p.A.

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ENDUROGP 2021 RD05/06 Estonia – Difficult race for Ruprecht. Pavoni and Macoritto on TOP in the junior

The Estonian GP took place last weekend in Kuressaare, a small seaside town on the island of Saaremaa.

The paddock was positioned near the port of the Estonian town that hosted the third round of the Enduro World Championship while the three special stages were positioned about twenty minutes by car from the paddock. Motoclub Redmoto has designed a sandy Enduro Test inside a wood, a Cross Test in a motocross circuit and an Extreme Special Stage inside a former military area.

Difficult weekend for Will Ruprecht, who after a great start by winning the firsts specials stages, crashed badly, beating his head hard. Wil continued the day at a slow pace, concluding in any case with an excellent second place in his class and fifth overall. The blow was also felt on Sunday and the final score was again a second place in the E2 class and a fifth in the Enduro GP. Wil maintains the leadership in the E2 class and the third position in the EGP.

In the Junior class our riders also in Estonia have clearly dominated their category. On Saturday Matteo Pavoni managed to win over his teammate Lorenzo Macoritto thanks to a very constant race conduct.

However, the Friulian rider made up for it the following day, recording four best times in the Junior class. Lorenzo Macoritto and Matteo Pavoni are respectively the leaders of the Junior 1 and Junior 2 class. In the Junior Absolute classification the leader is Pavoni followed by Macoritto.

Estonia also marks the return of Matteo Cavallo, the Piedmontese rider is not yet at 100% but he started both days of competition by collecting a sixth and a seventh place in the E1 class.

Jarno: “The level of the leaders of the EnduroGP is very high and a small mistake can be paid dearly. Luckily Wil only suffered a big blow that compromised both days due to pain in his head and legs. he has been very strong at not giving up and in the end the points lost are few. The championship still long. Pavoni and Macoritto find himself giving up the Junior, recording excellent times in the EnduroGp.

Next appointment this weekend in Skovde in Sweden, the race program includes the Super Test on Thursday evening, on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 the two days of competition.

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SINFONIA 22 RR is the new Tm Racing e-bike

Tm Racing presented, during event Sinfonia 2022, the new e-bike SINFONIA 22 RR.

At this link you can find all the technical information (click to download).


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