//MXGP Comunitat Valenciana

MXGP Comunitat Valenciana

The Valkenswaard track was cramped for the whole weekend by the frost and snow that did not give the riders a day on Saturday.
The sandy Dutch track is already very technical and difficult in normal conditions but with the ad-verse weather it has created many problems for all the workers.
On Saturday the qualifications went on for Samuele Bernardini, his heats lasted very little, due to a stone that got stuck between the chain and the pinion the strong Tuscan driver had to retire.
Max Nagl instead found himself at ease on the Dutch track, the exit from the gate was not the best and with a good speed he managed to finish his qualifying in tenth position.
Samuele Bernardini after the unfortunate qualification had to start in last place, at the start of the first heat Samuele could not find the right path at the first corner and remained lingered in the center group, when he seemed to have taken the right rhythm due to a contact with an opponent fell, Samuele broke into last place and with a magnificent comeback he closed in twenty-first place.
In race 2 Bernardini tried in every way to recover positions to try to complete a good race, the track conditions were extreme and Samuele at that point decided to keep a steady pace closing in 20th posi-tion.
The first run of Max Nagl was not at all lucky at the start at the first corner because of other pilots fell, even if he reported bruises, the German did not lose heart and reassembled as a rage from the last po-sition up to the eleventh showing a great speed.
At the start of race 2 Max did not find the right path to be able to stay in the first group, Nagl not 100% after the fall of the first run tried not to make mistakes closing his weekend in 14th place.
It ends a very difficult weekend but there are encouraging signs to aspire to much more results.
Only a few days off and then back on track for the third world race in Spain.

Marco Ricciardi comments on the race:“Very tough race for the really extreme weather conditions, luck prorpio does not give us a hand. Samuele struggled all weekend because of not perfect physical conditions, certainly the extreme weather conditions did not help him to face the difficult sand of Valkenswaard. Saturday because of the problem during qualifying and the fall on Sunday did not give him the opportunity to take the necessary confidence with the difficult track. Max is showing that he can stay in the high areas of the standings shows the fact that in race 1 has reassembled almost 30 po-sitions. We know what we have to do and I know it continues to work in the right direction. “

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