The GP of France marks the middle of the season, the track of Saint Jean D’Angely is old-fashioned with ascents and descents, a track that has changed a lot between the two days because of the heavy rains during the night between Saturday and Sunday.

Samuele Bernardini after the timed practice where he struggled to find the right lap, the Tuscan driver scored the best first time, failing to win a good place at the gate for the qualifying race, Samuele has nevertheless shown a good race recovering different positions and closing at eleventh place.

Max Nagl in his qualifying heats after a difficult start going to lose positions has risucito to go back up to the 16th place.

The track on Sunday after the heavy rains made the track even more difficult and selective.

In the first run of the MX2 Samuele Bernardini managed to come out well from the gate and fit into the leading group and with a constant run without going to make mistakes he got an encouraging 11th place.

In race 2 after an extraordinary start, Samuele at the first corner was fifth, he kept the pace of the best but due to a technical problem he stopped in the pits to see if it was possible to remedy the problem. Unfortunately Bernardini was forced to retire.

At the start of the race a Max failed to start well and in the first corners a stone broke the roll off of the glasses that limited his visibility and did not allow him to push that he wanted to close 13th

In race 2 Max showed a lightning-fast start and at the first corner he was with the first, but due to a contact with another driver in the early stages of the race he lost several positions, the track became monotraiettoria did not help the German driver who finished 11th.

Next meeting next week with the Italian GP in Ottobiano.

Marco Ricciardi comments on the race: “Very difficult race due to the heavy rain that made the track very selective but at the same time mono trajectory, first runs of highs and lows for Samuele with good laps alternating with other too many lenses. A withdrawal for the second. Max started in the back of the first heat and had to rebuild but failed to do better than a thirteenth place because of the roll off the first lap due to a stone, the eleventh second after losing some positions in the early stages of race where to maintain the position was a Russian roulette !!. “

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