Second appointment in Indonesia for the Motocross World Championship on the new Semarang runway in a beautiful residential area, the technical and fast track with very long and demanding jumps. Throughout the weekend the heat has put a strain on pilots and insiders.

Max Nagl in the tests was not able to find the right setting for his TM 450, the German rider complained little grip.

At the start of the qualifying heats Max was a thunderbolt at the start by entering the top positions but because of the feeling not perfect he was not able to drive as he wanted and had to settle for the twelfth position.

The team worked to try to put Nagl at ease on the bike and already from the Sunday morning warm-up the bike was perfect.

Max Nagl at the start of the first heat he was not able to start well, remaining bottled in the center of the group, but thanks to his determination and excellent speed he recovered up to the seventh position.

Unfortunately, at the end of the race Max was relegated to 10 positions because according to the jury he would have committed an irregularity when the yellow flags were exposed, but the same were in a point that the pilot could not see them.

The team tried in every way to explain the problem to the jury but did not want to take into consideration the explanations of the team manger Marco Ricciardi.

In the second moto, Nagl was once again a lion who has competed throughout the heats with the best drivers in the world and when he was in sixth position a trivial crash prevented him from bringing home a great result, Max has closed in ninth place.

Marco Ricciardi comments on the race: “I want to thank Max because he really puts his heart in this race, it was a lion he showed to many that he is not as old as someone says. I would like to thank the guys who worked great changing different settings to find the ideal solution and we have shown what value our bike is. For the rest NO COMMENT I prefer not to talk about it.”