The 2018 world closes in the prestigious setting of the Imola racetrack, the public has stormed the hill of Rivazza and the glance took its breath away.

Max Nagl returns after a forced stop for the fingertip problem, the German driver is working hard to get back in shape in view of the important event in a week with the Nations trophy that will be held in America.

The track that was reminiscent of a supercross track Max Nagl was immediately at ease and in the qualifying heats he showed off a great grit and speed going to finish in 11th position.

At the start of the first heat Max started very well and immediately entered the leading group, Nagl has maintained the rhythm of the first for most of the heat. In the final part of the race he had a small physical drop also due to the nine weeks without races and he had to give up some positions by finishing 13th.

In the second moto Max was an incredible exit from the gate, the strong German driver even if not at 100% proved once again to be able to fight with the first.

Max kept a good pace and good speed throughout the race going to finish eleventh.

The TM Factory team is preparing to leave for the United States where Max Nagl will go to defend the colors of Germany together with Henry Jacobi and Ken Roczen trying to get a great result.