//MXGP of Trentino

MXGP of Trentino

First round of the season for the Motocross World Championship in Italy more precisely in Arco di Trento, in the 2018 season there will be three races in our house.

The TM Factory racing team is presented at this race after the excellent work done in previous races. Unfortunately, since Thursday a tile knocked down on the Pesaro team, Max Nagl was hit by gastrointerites that heavily weakened him throughout the fien week.

The German driver did not want to pull back and on Saturday he made the minimum necessary to qualify for the two Sunday races.

At the start of race 1 Max was amazing and managed to start very well, entering the center of the group, Nagl with an incredible race conduct took home an excellent 13th place due to his physical condition.

In the second run the strong German driver tried to get on track but had spent all his last energies in the first heat and after a few laps he had to retire.

Samuele Bernardini struggled on the first day of the race to find the right feeling with the Arco track, at the start of the qualifying heats he managed with a good start and with a good rhythm to finish 12th.

In race 1 Samuele at the start manages to recover some positions in the first corners managing to get into the top ten, unfortunately some mistakes too much to try to recover on his opponents that precede him to give up two positions finishing his race 12th

Race 2 sees Bernardini protagonist with an exceptional start and in the first part of the race Samuele is in eighth position giving the feeling of being able to attack again. But as often happens Bernardini halfway through the race has a physical decline that makes him lose positions and a few laps from the end centers an opponent who had fallen in front of him seriously damaging his bike. Samuele closes 17th the second heat.

Only a few days off and then back on track at Agueda in Portugal next weekend.

Marco Ricciardi comments on the race: “Race to forget, we did not expect to face a weekend like this, Max had a strong gastrointerite we had to bring him into the hospital and he made several sessions in the mobile clinic, he showed an iron character because he wanted to get on the track and in the first heat he made a great effort bringing home an excellent result, in the second he had no more energy and he stopped after a few laps. He honored all the work we are doing, all the team wants to thank him for what he did here in Arco. Disappointed by the performance of Bernardini, we expected more, started well in both heats, in race 2 was in a good position but began to lose ground and then the fall has relegated to the bottom of the standings. We hope that the trend of the last races can change because these are not the positions that belong to him but especially to TM. “

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