Roberto Aloi,

the TM Racing’s International Sales Manager

“There is something new in TM Racing: the International Sales Manager”.

With this unequivocal leitmotiv we had announced something new in our staff and today we unveiled the name of our International Sales Manager, officially presenting him on our social and YouTube channels: it is Roberto Aloi, an appreciated professional in motorcycle sales for over twenty years, trained in prestigious companies in the sector.

«We have started a review in all sectors for two years: the purchase of cutting-edge equipment, better structures to increase production capacity, hiring of engineers from the racing world, as well as new projects. The introduction of an International Sales Manager is therefore our latest investment towards a phase of renewal and progress» Gastone Serafini, TM Racing’s CEO, says.

The company’s goal is to set up a commercial strategy appropriate to the current market in order to ensure that TM Racing is recognized among the top brands of the off-road motorcycle sector and not only that and can optimize and further spread its presence internationally.

«With TM we have set a long-term goal that is very stimulating for me – Roberto Aloi says – as we want to renew the commercial approach based on market demands, expanding the vision of the company and engaging with new operations in fields unexplored until today, even if always related to the world of motorized two-wheels».

Together with the revised market planning with renewed marketing strategies, TM Racing intends to focus further on quality and cutting-edge technology, which has always been the flagship of ours motorcycles, starting from the racing sector which for over 40 years has been the soul of the company.

Quality, exclusivity and craftsmanship are the TM Racing’s prerogatives that we want to make known internationally with particular attention to the young public, so to have a mature customer loyal to the brand in the future.

Among the first projects awaiting Roberto Aloi there is in fact the launch on the US market of a new TM Racing mini cross motorcycle with 112 2-stroke engine.