Project Description


Volume of cylinder

124.36 cm³

Number of exhaust ports / ducts


Connecting rod

Connecting rod centreline 104 mm
Diameter of big end 26 mm
Diameter of small end 19 mm
Min. weight of the connecting rod 86 g


Original: 53.95 mm
Maximum: 54.08 mm

Shape of the combustion chamber

Spheric with variable radius+SQUISH


Number of piston rings 1 or 2
Min. weight of the bare piston including piston rings 104 g


54.40 mm


Number of bearings 2
Diameter of bearings 25
Minimum weight of crankshaft 1753 g

Gudgeon pin

Minimum weight 26 g

Number of transfer ducts, cylinder/sump

5 / 3

Balance shaft

Minimum weight of balance shaft 332 g
Percentage of balancing 25 %