The L30 Racing Team riding the TM Racing Factory m.y. 2022 arrived in Spain for the Grand Prix of Catalunya, on Alcarras circuit, founded in 2008 and located in the North East of the peninsula.
The L30 Racing Team took to the track with the goal to defending the leadership both in the S1GP World Championship with Marc Reiner Schmidt, and in the S4 European Championship with Alex Ruiz; and at the end of the intense weekend the two athletes succeeded in the mission.
To complete the team of S1 class: the Italian Champion Elia Sammartin and the Estonian Patrick Pals, while in the S4 class, Kevin Vandi.


In S1GP class, riding the SMX 450 Factory Marc Reiner Schmidt finished fifth, Elia Sammartin finished seventh and Patrick Pals twentieth.

In race 1 Marc Reiner Schmidt crashed at the second corner, and was forced to restart from the back of the group. After numerous overtakes, Schmidt finished in sixth place.
Elia Sammartin was the protagonist of a very regular race: the Italian who started around seventh position, maintained his position up to the checkered flag; Patrick Pals started eighteenth and then managed to finish sixteenth.
In race 2 “Fast race” formula, Marc Reiner Schmidt started in third place, and was fighting until the end for the second position, but finishing in fourth place.
Elia Sammartin started again inside the top ten, improving his position during the race and thus reaching seventh place; while Patrick Pals started in the middle of the group and finished in eighteenth place.
In the Super Final Schimdt started again in third position, but was unable to go beyond fourth place, which allows him to finish in fifth place overall, off the podium, but still leading the championship.
Sammartin had a constant race, with seventh place in the race and overall, Elia also signed his personal Best Lap in this moto; Pals had to recover from the back of the group, from the twenty-ninth to the nineteenth position.


In S4 class Alex Ruiz won his second European success and stretches in the championship; Kevin Vandi completes the S4 podium with third place.

In race 1 Alex Ruiz started in the lead, behind him Kevin Vandi, the two teammates set a very fast pace to the race and finished in the same order, monopolizing the first two positions again.
In race 2 Ruiz reaffirmed his superiority, starting in front of everyone and going to win alone, Kevin Vandi was unable to start well, starting from fourth place he then managed to overtake an opponent and finish third; in the championship Vandi is still in second place.

IVAN LAZZARINI: “Alcarras was a really demanding circuit, we won again in S4 with Ruiz, who reiterated his superiority, Vandi still did well and got on the podium. In this class we are still in first and second place in the Championship.
As for the S1GP class, it was a difficult weekend for Schmidt, the dirt section was one of the key points of the track, perhaps the toughest so far.
Unfortunately, Schmidt had to remedy a crash in the second corner in race 1 and above all deal with the fierce wild cards opponents, including the very fast Moreira.
What interests us, however, is that our TM Factory is still leading the Championship standings.
Elia Sammartin also did well, who finished in seventh place, signing his best lap in the last heat, now Elia is in fourth place in the Championship.
We will see you soon in Italy, on June 5th in Sardinia for the third world round.”