TM RACING FACTORY TEAM never takes a break. After winning its third title thanks to Eero Remes and also the World Cup courtesy of Andrea Verona, the Team searched for new riders available on the market until finding two great ones! Team Manager, Luca Cherubini, has been carrying out an excellent job in these years and the Team has grown significantly. This outcome was also possible thanks to all those who work for the Company, unseen by most people, but who actually are the soul of the products and achievements.

This is also perceived in the paddock, where many are yearning for a TM Factory as they would like to reach the World Title.

The Team is very proud to announce its new members, both authors of excellent results achieved last season. French rider Loic Larrieu, 2018 Vice World Champion, will be riding the E2 class-winner machinery – the EN 300 Fi. The other name who will join this dream team, and who will represent the English market, is Daniel McCanney. After classifying third last year, in 2019, Daniel will be enrolled in the tough E3 category. The English challenger will ride the brand new EN 300 Fi 2T bike.

Andrea Verona, engaged with TM Factory for two more years, will try to reach the Title in the Junior class.

Before the holidays, team members will test their bikes in order to find the best set-up.

Team manager Luca Cherubini stated: “We are so excited about the 2019 season! We believe Loic, Daniel and Andrea will face the leading riders in the respective categories. What is rewarding the most is the esteem for TM, thanks to all the work done in the past years and the three Titles won with Eero. After facing six seasons rich in great results, we are now ready to turn page and back up three different markets (French, English and Italian) with three riders who aim high”.